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So Sligo 2013: Winning Gold!

So Sligo festival is on in beautiful Sligo this week, and they have various competitions for lovers of food ranging from amateur, student and professional.

I entered my dish ‘Opulent Aquatic’ in the Sligo Signature dish section which was held in St Angelas college yesterday and I was delighted to win Gold at the awards ceremony in The Glasshouse last night.

The entire event was fantastic, a wonderful setup by wonderful people, and a great benefit to Sligo.

‘Opulent Aquatic’ represents the miles of beautiful coastlines in Co. Sligo and the wealth of the Sea.

‘Edible Sand, Fruits of the sea, Pickle Garden, Squid ink Gnocchi, Sea Foam’

Edible sand: Toasted Panko, rendered chicken fat, almond, pine nut, Japanese Furikame

Fruits of the sea: Lemon prawn, sea seared scallop, court bouillon poached trout, Mussels

Sea Foam: Made from a stock of fish and scallop roe, court bouillon, coconut

Pebbles in rock pool: Squid ink gnocchi, baby turnip spheres

Garden: parsley pesto, pickled carrot, radish


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