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Chicken, Serrano, Cranberry and Brie Puff Parcels

Chicken, Serrano, Cranberry and Brie Puff Parcels


Christmas dinner is all about the Turkey and Ham, isn’t it?

Growing up it was always the centrepiece for the festive dinner, and sometimes it was accompanied by wild Duck (oh so, so tasty!)

Turkey for some brings up images of dry and difficult to swallow white meat that is a lesser loved cousin of the poultry pleaser Chicken.

And this pleases the question, what if one of the dinner guests doesn’t fancy this beautiful bird?

My eldest sister is not a Turkey eater at all, but a through and through Chicken consumer.

Each year I try and come up with a new idea that is festively delicious and will add that something special to her plate.

This year its my Chicken, Serrano, Cranberry and Brie parcels.

These little guys have Christmas favourites Brie and Cranberry tucked in, along with the ‘Turkey and Ham’ elements- the Serrano and Chicken.

Serves 2

1 free range Chicken breast (sliced in half lengthways)
4 slices of Serrano Ham
4 2 inch slices of Irish Brie (try Tipperary Brie)
2 tablespoons of Cranberry sauce
1 egg
2 pieces of Puff Pastry sized 8 inches by 6 inches.
2 Sage leaves
Salt & Pepper

Pre-heat oven to 170’c.
Heat a dash of oil in a non-stick frying pan and add the pieces of Chicken, season with salt and pepper.
Lightly brown on each side and remove from pan when almost cooked (the pieces will be thin as it is a halved brast, so about 5 minutes should do it) and half each piece down the middle.

Bake the Serrano ham until it just crisps up but is still foldable.

Place a tbsp of Cranberry sauce a few centimetres below the centre of the pastry shape.


Add a slice of Serrano, Brie, Chicken pieces, another later of Brie and Serrano, and top with the Sage leaf and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.


Egg wash the pastry corners and fold up the bottom half.
Fold in the bottom corners and egg wash them.


Now fold down the large top piece like an envelope and press the corners firmly to ensure it sticks (you do not want all that delicious Brie getting out!)


Bake for 15-20 minutes until puffed and golden, and devour with lashings of sprouts on the side.

Be super careful as the Brie and Sauce in the parcel will be very hot!)


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