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Christmas: The perfectly balanced Cheeseboard

As far back as I can remember to my younger years, cheese was always one of my favourite foods.
From the crumbly vintage cheddar, the Calvita block, the Three Counties spredable triangles to the easy-single (yes, I know, but im not in the habit of pretending I don’t like something in case the ‘foodie-police’ get me)


And while on that subject, I will shock some fellow foodies out there by admitting I love the East single with Mayo and Chef pickles on White sliced pan. *Sarcastic Gasp*

Cheese is one of those foods that has thousands of varities so there is always something for everyone.
Creating the perfect cheeseboard is easy, and as the finishing point to the big feast this year, it’s important to get it right.

Ireland is simply jammed with quality cheesemakers, we are so blessed in this aspect.
I think that the balance should include one of each of the below from each category, a mix of Irish and European is perfect, but you can happily go all Irish and have a delicious and quality Cheeseboard.

Tips for the Cheeseboard:

1. Never over crowd a Cheeseboard, it will get messy
2. Offer an individual knife for each cheese (two if there is a large party)
3. Cheese must be served at room temperature
4. Serve on a large platter, or on small individual plates
5. Choose complementing and different chutneys – think one apple based, one alcohol based, one spicy, one fruity, one tomato, one rasin based
6. Serve fruit- a mix of dried and fresh – Fresh apple slices, grapes, dried apricots
7. Nuts and Honey go amazingly with cheese! Try it!
8. Everyday condiments will surprise you – try Mustard, Jam, Marmalade

Hard-Semi Hard Cheese: Cahills Porter Cheese, Imokilly Regato, Comte, Gruyere, Wicklow Gold Nettle and Chive Cheese, Carrigaline Garic and Herb Cheese.

Soft-Semi Soft Cheese: Cooleeney Dunbarra Cheese, Durrus Cheese, Tipperary Brie, Gubeen Cheese, Port Salut, Camenbert, Milleens Cheese.

Goats Cheese: Boille Goats Cheese (cheese pearls), St Tola Goats Cheese (hard and soft), Ardsallagh Goats Cheese, Knockdrinna Gold semi-hard Goats Cheese, Chulchoill Goats cheese, Bluebell Falls (flavoured)

Blue Cheese: Cashel Blue, Abbey Blue Brie, Bellingham Blue, French Roquefort, British Stilton, Italian Gorgonzola, Wicklow Blue, Crozier Blue, Cambozola, St. Agur.

Fruity-Unusual: Old Irish creamery do a great selection of unusual flavoured cheeses such as: Blueberries, Cranberries, Whiskey, Red Wine, Walnuts.

Cheddar: Hegartys Farmhouse Cheddar, Wexford Creamery Vintage Cheddar, Knockanore Vintage Cheddar (Red and White), Oakwood Smoked Cheddar, Cahills Ballintubber Cheddar with Chillies and Black Pepper, Coleraine Cheddar.

2 thoughts on “Christmas: The perfectly balanced Cheeseboard

  1. Loads of gorgeous cheese suggestions here. Mossfield is another great Irish cheese producer I like, though it’s tricky to find. Also have recently discovered Coolea, it’s like a very good comte. A good hard cheese with some mustard and honey on the side is tough to beat.

  2. I keep on learning of new cheese producers every day, it is fantastic that there is so many to choose from in Ireland.
    I have had the lovely Coolea, I had to double check as I thought I had it in there.
    It is my ultimate Christmas indulgence!🙂

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